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Interior/Water Services

Our expertise, nationwide reach, and innovation make the difference for property owners, carriers, and contractor stakeholders.

interior/water services

Speed and Efficiency in Water Losses

We use proven science and revolutionary technology to reduce cycle times, decrease severity, and improve the customer experience after a water loss while providing insurance carriers with a predictable outcome.


First Notice and Response (FNAR)

After an emergency, no one calls to report information — they call for help! That’s why we leverage our first contact with customers to provide an immediate response and take meaningful action to move the claim forward.  Accuserve’s contracting partners are included in our proactive approach.

They arrive quickly, prepared to get your customers on the path to recovery. 

Our proactive virtual solutions provide unparalleled, real-time information to homeowners and carrier personnel engaged in helping after disaster strikes. 
We are here to serve, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Emergency Water Mitigation

Our immediate response to a loss means the mitigation process starts sooner, resulting in less damage, less demolition, less waste in our landfills, and — best of all — a faster return to normal for property owners.

We partner with our contractors to actively manage the work that is performed at the site. We ensure that no unnecessary demolition occurs and only the right equipment is used, according to industry standards.

Our proprietary software has integrated IICRC S500 industry standards. Every claim is audited in real-time, driving tighter quality and consistency.

Our active claims management approach and strict adherence to industry standards help ensure that the property dried in the most efficient, least disruptive manner possible.

Managed Repair

Our Managed Repair service is designed to easily integrate into your process and systems. It provides you with 100% accountability for each claim while reducing cycle times and improving customer satisfaction. We offer concierge-level service and manage claims from start to finish. 

We select the best contractors for your customers, provide accurate estimates and scopes of work, and manage any restoration work through to completion.

Contents Evaluation

Accuserve uses multiple reference points for evaluating contents damaged in a loss to ensure the accuracy of the Like Kind and Quality (LKQ) replacement item. Our system significantly improves accuracy for an item’s Replacement Cost Value (RCV).

We actively engage with the customers throughout the process, clarifying any questions and real-time claim updates.

Technical Review

Our Technical Review team performs a complete and independent audit of water, fire, contents pack-out, or trauma scene claims to ensure that industry standards were followed and losses were invoiced correctly. 

We collaborate with contractors to understand their strategies and arrive at a fair and final resolution.

For less complex claims, we offer our Quality Review service. We identify deviations in the process, make recommendations, and have a turnaround time of 48 hours.

Our Technology

To deliver the most trusted, timely, and high-quality claims and restoration solutions, we’ve built a technology ecosystem that connects all parties and minimizes friction. We leverage world-class virtual inspection tools to ensure expertise is engaged from the beginning of the damage assessment and restoration planning process.

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