Redefining Claims & Property Restoration

Accuserve connects property owners, contractors, and insurers for a seamless restoration and claims experience.

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What is MRXSM?

The Managed Repair ExperienceSM is Accuserve's first of its kind approach to redefining the home repair process. With a focus on efficiency, empathy, and accuracy, we aim to ensure your home's needs are met with the highest standards.

Transforming Claims Management with Compassion and Expertise

Accuserve revolutionizes the insurance industry by prioritizing policyholders' needs, leveraging advanced technology, and fostering a culture of care and innovation.

Expertise meets compassion.

Our team excels in water mitigation, reconstruction, roofing, and window repairs. Dedicated to simplifying the claims process, our mission is your peace of mind.
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Trusted by the Industry’s Best

Inspiring success stories from our ecosystem of property owners, contractors, and insurers.

“We're going to continue to work more with Accuserve because it gives contractors so much credibility with a homeowner in that first meeting.”

Corey Drywall GM, Phoenix AZ

“This was the most seamless experience in my entire life. I didn't have to doubt what was the next step. I recommend your company to anyone. Thank you!”

Kendrick H. Homeowner

“A big part of the business that we're getting at the moment is from Accuserve, and it's been an interesting and life-changing journey, for sure.”

Bailey Roofing Contractor, Cleveland OH

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