When Your Property is Damaged, You Need A Partner and A Reliable Process.

Property restoration is challenging and overwhelming.

Accuserve works with property owners and contractors on behalf of their insurance carrier to deliver trusted, timely and expert-quality restoration solutions.

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Your Property Restoration Partner

We collaborate with property owners, contractors, and insurance carriers to ensure the right work is done at the right time to restore damaged property in the most efficient, least disruptive manner possible. We are an ally who listens and cares, brings expertise, and executes on our promise of quality repairs. 


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Who We Are

Accuserve is your partner for timely, high-quality, and caring property restoration solutions. Whether it’s interior or exterior damage, we bring reliable expertise, uncompromised integrity, and a deep understanding of the challenges and emotions that come with damage to your most prized asset. 

A Reliable Ally

We work as a trusted partner, navigating the complexities of property damage and communicating with you seamlessly throughout the process. With Accuserve, you’ll always know the job status, and more importantly, who to call for answers and support. 

Focused on the Human Aspect of Property Restoration

Our mission is to unify all stakeholders in the property damage and restoration space to serve one goal — delivering the best experience to those in need of help. 

A Commitment to Getting the Right Work Done - Every Time

A great property restoration experience starts with making the right call on the scope and severity of the damage. Our knowledgeable staff works with our skilled contracting partners to ensure we get the right work done at the highest level of quality. 

A Group of Passionate, Service-Oriented Professionals

Our mission is to evolve the property restoration industry into one known for great service. We begin by treating each of our employees, customers, and partners with respect and courtesy. We then add the expertise and the experience to raise the level of service in our space. 


Our Services

We know the stress and confusion that can result from property damage. We want you to feel confident that you are cared for by knowledgeable professionals who will guide you through the restoration process. That’s why we’ve crafted a set of expert solutions backed by our concierge service commitment. We ensure timely, high-quality, and accurate outcomes to property restoration claims. We are your partner and your source of reliable information.

Water Mitigation

Water is destructive. The longer it sits, the more damage it causes. That’s why we start the restoration process from the first call. Our experts partner with contractors to make the right dry-in-place vs. tear-out decision and then execute the appropriate restoration plan.


Roof Restoration

We all need a strong roof over our heads. Whether it is a few shingles or an entire roof, our experts have handled it all. Our advanced virtual damage inspection tools and experienced technicians will recommend the right fix for every situation and ensure flawless execution of the appropriate restoration plan.


Window Restoration

Windows are the key to keeping your home energy efficient and comfortable. When they’re damaged, you need experienced contractors to inspect and determine the appropriate restoration plan. No matter the damage, Accuserve handles it.


Additional Services

Accuserve has a complete suite of expert services that include Content Evaluations, Technical Reviews, Repair Analysis, and Managed Repair solutions.

This was the most seamless experience in my entire life. I didn’t have to doubt what was the next step. I recommend your company to anyone. Thank you!
— Kendrick H., Homeowner
After seeing the messy, invasive and lengthy multi-step process of neighbors in the community who opted to replace the entire window, we were pleased that we chose the sash replacement option instead. But in addition to this, we have to say that it was not just the solution that worked well for us, but it was the way the work was completed by your professional team.
— Broadmoor Resort Community.
Following a major hailstorm in mid-April, roofing company yard signs soon sprang up in my neighborhood.  My insurance company recommended your company. Not only was I the first house on my street to receive a new roof; it was a seamless process.  The roofing crew impressed me with their attention to detail, professional installation and careful cleanup.  Having now seen other crews work on my neighbors' homes I am highly pleased we selected your company. The rep who oversaw the project took care of every detail from initial inspection to final sign-off.
— Ed S., Homeowner

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