Interior Managed Repair

From proactive solutions — like fire mitigation — to internal restoration services, Accuserve coordinates the entire home repair process.

The MRXSM Difference

With our Managed Repair ExperienceSM platform, we oversee the loss, identify the restoration period, and proactively communicate with both the carrier and homeowner. Our process delivers more accurate reserves and ensures the proper management of each claim.

Product Overview

With our Manager Repair ExperienceSM (MRXSM) at the forefront of everything we do, your members will receive the best experience at the time when it matters most.

Board up/Tarping Services

Emergency service offering to protect your property from further damages.

Fire Mitigation

Our fire mitigation services offer proactive solutions to safeguarding your property and assets within your home. We focus on salvaging building materials and eliminating the need for demolition.

Reconstruction Services

From inspection to estimate preparation to completing repairs to your home, Accuserve provides active claims management every step of the way. Throughout the home repair process, we aim to exceed your expectations.

Contents Inventory and Assessment

We conduct a thorough inventory and assessment of all contents within your property, documenting their condition, value, and restoration requirements. This detailed inventory serves as a roadmap for our cleaning and restoration efforts, ensuring a systematic and organized approach.

Packout Services

We carefully pack and transport contents to our secure facility for cleaning, restoration, and storage. Our team utilizes industry-standard packing materials and techniques to protect items during transit, minimizing the risk of further damage or loss.

Contents Cleaning and Restoration

Using specialized equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we clean, sanitize, and deodorize contents to remove contaminants, stains, and odors.

Specialty Item Restoration

We have expertise in restoring specialty items such as artwork, antiques, electronics, and sentimental belongings. Our technicians employ delicate handling procedures and precision restoration techniques to preserve the integrity and value of these items.

Document Drying and Restoration

In the event of water damage, we offer document drying and restoration services to salvage important documents, photographs, and records. Our specialized drying chambers and techniques help prevent further deterioration and preserve the legibility of documents.

Secure Storage

We provide secure storage facilities equipped with climate control to protect your contents during the restoration process.

Contents Return and Reinstallation

Once the cleaning and restoration process is complete, we carefully repack and transport contents back to your property. Our team coordinates the timely return and reinstallation of items, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your routine.

Expertise meets compassion.

Our team excels in water mitigation, reconstruction, roofing, and window repairs. Dedicated to simplifying the claims process, our mission is your peace of mind.
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