The Accuserve Flood House
Training Centers

Our Flood House training centers are designed to give you true-to-life training as you mitigate a catastrophic water loss using the industry’s latest drying technology, guided by industry experts.

We have trained thousands of contractors and adjusters. If you want to elevate your knowledge and grow your business, register today.

Experience: The Best Way To Learn

Nothing compares to experiencing a simulated water catastrophe and then drying it out while learning from industry experts.

We've built both of our Flood House training centers to reflect real-world homes, which gives you true-to-life training while using the industry's latest drying technology.

Our IICRC-approved ASD (Applied Structural Drying) training centers are furnished homes built over a concrete slab foundation using common building materials. The only thing "different" about this 1,800-square-foot home from a regular one is its attached classroom.Our Process

1,500 Gallons Of Water Dried In Four Days

We've simulated hundreds of catastrophic water losses by flooding them with over 1,500 gallons of water. It will rain from the first floor into the finished basement and crawlspace. We then seal the home for 36 hours in an 85-degree environment to create a "terrarium effect." This is the worst-case scenario for any homeowner. Despite that, all affected materials will be dried and saved.

We have trained thousands of contractors, adjusters, and employees. Each learned the best practices for evaluating the damage and developing a restoration strategy based on the type of affected materials, weather, and even where the loss site is located in the country.Our Process

Upcoming Classes

January 10-12-2023

Springfield, OH

Virtual WRT 3 day Course

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How IICRC Certifications Benefit You

For contractors, when you attend Accuserve’s IICRC ASD-approved Flood House courses and pass the required tests, you will receive an IICRC certification and gain credibility in the marketplace. An IICRC certification proves that you were trained by industry experts and know the scientifically proven guidelines for property restoration. This will open business opportunities and give you the confidence that comes with being backed by standards that have evolved over decades.

As an adjuster, you will learn industry standards and processes so you can determine with certainty that the correct procedures were followed.

The Courses

AMRT - Applied Microbial Remediation Technician

Accuserve's IICRC-approved AMRT course is a four-day course taught by Destry Ransdell. We've designed The Applied Microbial Remediation Technician course to teach students the correct procedures and techniques to use when performing mold and sewage remediation, as well as the necessary precautions you can take to protect the health and safety of everyone involved. This course offers classroom learning and hands-on training in Accuserve's IICRC-approved flood house. Spend four days learning from industry experts about saving the most material safely and effectively in the shortest amount of time.

ASD - Applied Structural Drying Technician

Accuserve’s IICRC-approved ASD course is a four-day, hands-on course. In addition to providing detailed interpretations of the current ANSI-approved industry standards (IICRC S500 – 2015,) students are taught applied structural drying methods during the in-class portion of the training. Classroom training is followed by a unique hands-on experience, allowing attendees to implement their new-found knowledge.

WRT - Water Damage Restoration Technician

Accuserve’s one-of-a-kind IICRC-approved WRT course combines classroom and hands-on mitigation training to provide students with the most effective learning experience. We have included an additional day of dedicated hands-on drying training to ensure attendees receive the most from their certification training.

WRT/ASD - Water Damage Restoration / Applied Structural Drying Technician

Our IICRC-approved WRT/ASD course is a five-day program that allows students to obtain two IICRC certifications in one week, giving attendees the best value for their time and money. These classes combine the extensive classroom training of our WRT course with the unique hands-on training that takes place in our ASD course. Students will start by learning the basics of water mitigation techniques when drying the structure and the correct procedures to follow when dealing with water loss. After gaining a general understanding of water damage restoration, students will learn how to mitigate water loss quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Meet The Instructors

Ed Jones

Ed Jones - Vice President of Education, R&D at Codeblue

Ed Jones has worked in the water damage mitigation industry for over 35 years and is an IICRC-approved instructor in water damage restoration and is a certified IICRC Master Water Restorer. Ed has trained over 3,500 insurance adjusters, contractors, and third-party administrator employees to become certified in water damage restoration.
Destry Ransdell

Destry Ransdell - IICRC Certified Instructor

Destry is an expert in the management of the mold remediation process that carries through in his classroom instruction. He teaches AMRT at the Restoration Technical Institute and creates the perfect balance of hands-on and technical knowledge that provides practical solutions to apply to mold remediation projects.

Upcoming Classes

November 08 - 10, 2022

Springfield, OH

Virtual WRT 3 day Course, $299 per person

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Window Restoration

Timely and Fair Window Damage Assessment and Restoration

Complex items like windows require expert insight to ensure an accurate and expeditious outcome in the event of damage.

Accuserve provides a turnkey solution including material and labor for all trades surrounding window installation — at a fair market price.