Expert Contents Services

Virtually collaborate with the site contact on small losses to avoid unnecessary delays and expenses.

The MRXSM Difference

The Contents service is quickly moving to a low-touch, automated solution. We engage with the policyholder, asking questions to better understand their lost items, shopping habits, and other factors that impact the accuracy of the final output.

We work directly with your members to obtain key details for an accurate valuation, leading to an industry-best 99.6% first-time acceptance and a 19.4 hour cycle time.

Product Overview

Accuserve brings together industry experts in the property space to provide whole-home emergency and managed repair services built on an unmatched level of service, expertise, and innovation to your policyholders and staff.

With our Manager Repair ExperienceSM (MRXSM) at the forefront of everything we do, your members will receive the best experience at the time when it matters most.

Inventory Creation

Flexibility to handle every inventory in the fastest and least disruptive manner possible.

• Accuserve On-Demand – Virtually collaborate with the site contact on small losses to avoid unnecessary delays and expenses in getting on-site.
• Contractor Network – Our robust network provides expertise in all areas, including on-site inventories


“Like kind and quality” (LKQ) replacement costs with a proactive customer service approach to policyholders.

• Average a cycle time of less than 24-hours with a first-time policyholder acceptance of 99.6%.
• No guesswork in our approach, our collaboration with policyholders ensures key details are obtained.

Receipt Reconciliation

Full receipt reconciliation and calculation of recoverable depreciation.

• Match and apply all receipts to calculate recoverable depreciation and taxes owed.
• Our audit process ensures the insured is properly paid for “like kind and quality” (LKQ) replacements quickly.

Purpose, Process, and Support of Valuations

Learn about replacement cost value (RCV), actual cash value (ACV), depreciation, and more.

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