Trust us with your policyholders and your reputation.

When your customers need help with their damaged property, Accuserve makes it easy for you to meet their needs by leveraging our full suite of property damage solutions. We offer an unmatched breadth of expert property claims services in one place, providing a seamless experience through the claims and restoration process. 

At Accuserve, technology, expertise, and humanity combine to offer the most empathetic and high-quality solutions available while keeping the focus on the people affected — your customers.

How We Help

We integrate expertise and compassion into the claims and restoration process.

Claims inherently represent disruptions to property owners’ lives. We walk your customers through the most empathetic and informed claim experience possible, helping them through the process reliably and comfortably. 

We work with our trained, vetted network of contractors to provide turnkey damage assessment, estimation, and restoration solutions. We actively manage each claim from start to finish, leveraging our industry experts to ensure an accurate repair vs. replacement decision and high-quality follow-through to job completion. At each step along the way, our customer care team is ready to offer our concierge-style service to support any needs of our insurance carrier partners and their property owners.


Our Services

We work with a broad range of experts in a variety of disciplines, from roofing to interiors. Our focus is on helping insurance carriers address claims in three main areas:

Water Mitigation

Accuserve mitigates water damage claims from flooring to drywall and remediate hazardous materials.


Roof Restoration

We handle a wide range of roofing and exterior repairs and replacements.


Window Restoration

No matter what brand of window a policyholder has, Accuserve handles it.



An immediate response with virtual inspection capabilities and a rapid deployment of the most qualified local contractor.



The most accurate virtual and onsite valuation of your policyholder's damaged contents with a rapid turnaround and an industry leading first-time settlement rate.


Managed Repair

Ensures transparent oversight of all stakeholders during the reconstruction phase according to your specific requirements.


Technical Review

We collaborate with your property owner's contractor to conduct a complete, impartial audit of Water, Fire, Mold, Contents Pack-Out, and Trauma & Crime Scene Review claims.


Things That Set Us Apart

We know insurance carriers have choices in how to handle claims. Our network of experts provides additional value to the entire claims process that includes CAT responses, damage assessment, comprehensive restoration solutions, and estimate accuracy to ensure a smooth claim experience for your policyholder.

  • Data and Technology
    As pioneers of virtual claims solutions, we leverage data and technology to expedite the claims process and empower you with rapid, easily accessible expertise.
  • Expertise to Make the Right Call From the Start
    Our certified water specialists, master elite roofers, and window experts guide the outcomes of our claims from the outset to ensure that we avoid the erosion of customer experience that comes with changing project scopes and inconsistent expectations. Our visual and virtual models ensure accurate estimates and scope of work.
  • Performance-Based Contractor Network
    We only partner with vetted, professional, and licensed contractors. We integrate our commitment to customer experience into our proprietary, performance-based claim assignment distribution model. Our model takes customer feedback into account and allows our best-performing contractors to get more work in the future.
  • Unique Supply Chain Services
    We offer unique supply chain management capabilities, helping you and your homeowners pay a fair market price for materials and facilitating expedited delivery, countrywide.

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