Experts in Water Mitigation

Our experts strive to minimize demolition, maximize outcomes, and alleviate stress for property owners.

MRX Difference

We believe that humans are at the center of any claim, which is why we pride ourselves on providing a human-centric experience, or what we like to call the most empathetic Managed Repair ExperienceSM for property owners.

Hunter Powell, CEO of Accuserve Solutions shares his personal water mitigation experience and how the right, expert-level decision can make all the difference.  

Product Overview

Every water mitigation claim has expert oversight with our process. All claims are handled with IICRC-certified staff, and the loss is handled according to IICRC and carrier specific guidelines. We mitigate water damage claims from flooring to drywall and remediate hazardous materials.

Our immediate response reduces cycle time

Our proactive, scientific approach minimizes demolition, reducing cycle time and stress. The insured's home swiftly returns to its pre-loss condition with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption.

Our experts drive the right outcomes

Our proprietary system follows IICRC standards and insurance guidelines, with two experts reviewing each claim to avoid costlier or incorrect recommendations. We handle estimates, approve drying plans, and ensure daily contractor updates for efficiency.

Multiple checkpoints
throughout the claim

Continuous quality control throughout the claim cycle. Before invoicing, our QA team meticulously reviews post-drying details, ensuring strict adherence to standards. Real-time proprietary audit tools promptly address any deviations.

Doing more from your
desktop or mobile device

Our OnDemand technology enables virtual on-site inspection immediately after loss discovery. Plus, our 360 service documents the loss in 4K resolution, facilitating detailed remote inspection and accurate measurements.

The Accuserve Flood House - One-of-a-kind Training

As part of the training program, the Flood House gets flooded with 1,500 gallons of water that will rain from the first floor into the basement and crawlspace. The property then gets sealed for 36 hours in an 85-degree environment to create a “terrarium effect” – the worst-case scenario for any homeowner. Despite that, all affected materials will get dried and saved by following industry-approved drying techniques, and under the guidance of top experts. If you haven't attended, you are missing out!

Meet our Expert

Ed Jones, Master Water Restorer and IICRC Approved Instructor.

He has over thirty years of experience in the industry, has the title of Master Restorer, served as a voting member on the IICRC S500-2021 Consensus Body Committee, and trained thousands of students in the Flood House learning centers.

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