We Are Trailblazers

Accuserve forged our own category in the claims and restoration space: the new Managed Repair ExperienceSM standard, leading with integrity and humanity.

Committed to A Clear Purpose

The Accuserve Mission

Unifying the property restoration and claims experience for property owners, contractors, and insurance carriers, we deliver trusted, timely, and expert-quality solutions to all.

Driven By Our Values

Accuserve’s core principles shape everything we do.
  • Communicate & Connect
  • Courageously Make an Impact
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Compassionately Serve
  • Innovate via Curiosity

Built to Serve

With decades of expertise in water mitigation, interior/exterior reconstruction, roofing, and window restoration, Accuserve offers unsurpassed industry knowledge, and we apply it everywhere.

Policyholders & Property Owners

Working with our team is the best way to fix what matters most to you.


Accuserve helps you grow your business in the insurance segment, and we enable you to manage (and do) more. 

Insurance Carriers

MRXSM is the new way to govern the entire claims and restoration process with accuracy and insights.

Accuserve In Action

A glimpse into how we live our values at work and in our communities.

Our Leadership Team

We are builders, innovators, community leaders, dreamers, and doers. Simply put, we’re human too. Meet our accomplished leadership team.


Hunter Powell

Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Barker

SVP of Strategic Partnerships

Mike Braun


Alicia DeCant

SVP, People

Rob Hanson

Chief Client Officer

Joe Kislo

Chief Technology Officer

Reid Schellhous

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Srbinovski

Chief Operating Officer

Industry Accolades

We’ve earned our stripes. Explore Accuserve’s awards and recognition.

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