When to Call Your Homeowners Insurance Company About Property Damage

When to Call Your Homeowners Insurance Company About Property Damage

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Instructor Ed Jones has over 30 years of experience in theindustry, has the title of MasterWater Restorer, is an Institute ofInspection Cleaning andRestoration Certification (IICRC)-approved instructor, and hasserved on the S500-2021consensus body committee todevelop the most recent standard.

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A flooded basement. A leaking roof. A storm-damaged window.

Homeowners are often surprised to learn that scenarios like these—along with other commonly occurring water, window and roof damage—may be covered by their insurance policies. That’s why, when property damage happens, making your insurance company the first call is often your best call.

4 Signs You Should Call

Always contact your homeowner’s insurance company if one or more of the following apply:

  1. There is visible damage to your property but it’s unclear how far-reaching it is.
  1. There is visible damage to your property but you do not know when it occurred.  
  1. You suspect damage but it is not visible (on your roof, for example).
  1. There is extensive standing water that could pose a safety risk to you.

Keep in mind, a call to your insurance company is risk-free and does not mean you have to move forward with a claim. But it does ensure you receive prompt, expert support as you assess the damage and decide what to do next.  

Another benefit to making the call: you may uncover hidden policy benefits. For example, many policies cover the cost of food if you’re unable to use your kitchen while repairs are completed.  

Making the Call: What to Know

Here’s what to have on hand when you contact your insurance company:

  • Your homeowner’s insurance policy number. Your insurance company will confirm your policy and assign an adjuster to evaluate the damage to your home.
  • A brief description of the damage. This helps your insurance company and the adjuster know what to expect and look for when they arrive at your home.
  • General timeline of the damage. You may not know when the damage occurred and that’s okay. Any information you can share is helpful.  

Even if you don’t have or know the above items, don’t hesitate to call your insurance company for help.

About Accuserve

Accuserve helps homeowners restore their homes to whole when damage occurs. We partner with insurance companies to provide expert interior and exterior property repair and claims management services—so homeowners can get back to what matters most as quickly as possible.  

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