Unifying the Claims Journey: The Benefits of Accuserve's Managed Repair Experience

Unifying the Claims Journey: The Benefits of Accuserve's Managed Repair Experience

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Instructor Ed Jones has over 30 years of experience in theindustry, has the title of MasterWater Restorer, is an Institute ofInspection Cleaning andRestoration Certification (IICRC)-approved instructor, and hasserved on the S500-2021consensus body committee todevelop the most recent standard.

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When a homeowner files a claim, it means something unexpected occurred to harm their home, so they need speedy repairs that make it safe again, but before the advent of managed repair programs (MRPs), many homeowners found filing an insurance claim adversarial during an already stressful time. Companies like Accuserve help to streamline the communication between an insurance carrier, a repair provider, and a policyholder.

What is a Managed Repair Program?

In their early days, insurance companies created MRPs as an extension of their services, but today, these managed repair programs tend to function as standalone companies that provide the policyholder with an easier way to accomplish two goals – having their filed claim paid and having their damaged home repaired. 

An MRP streamlines the processes involved in the claims process, removing the conflict in the process. Using one of these programs proves more impact-conscious by reducing costs and environmental impacts. The most effective MRPs employ experienced individuals who provide technical knowledge and understand the repair needs of each situation.

How Accuserve Fits into the MRP Landscape

Accuserve goes beyond the concierge concept. It employs an experienced staff that enhances an insurance company's ability to serve its customers during times of catastrophic loss. 

The company's technical staff includes general contractors, construction professionals, and IICRC-certified staff with a combined more than 30 years of experience. Their knowledge of construction and building materials provides support to insurance adjusters when they need it the most. Accuserve helps the repair contractor and insurance carrier reach an agreement on the property's repair needs and a fair market price for that work.

Benefits of Accuserve's Managed Repair Experience

Five benefits set the Accuserve-managed repair experience apart from other MRPs. Each of these benefits assists all three involved parties – the homeowner, insurance carrier, and repair contractor.

Serving as a Mediator

Once a policyholder files an insurance claim with an insurer partnered with Accuserve, both companies go to work to help the homeowner restore their home. Because Accuserve mediates the process, the homeowner can call the company with any claim-related issue.

Providing a Database of Licensed, Certified Service Providers

Accuserve maintains a database of certified, licensed service providers, significantly reducing the time it takes for a homeowner to find a qualified repairperson in their area. This treasure trove of talented repair companies who remain ready to work also meet all insurance company requirements. Of course, a homeowner can use their favorite contractor for repairs, too.

Approved Contractors with an Accuserve Warranty

Using an Accuserve-vetted contractor for repair work results in obtaining an additional warranty on the work. Many building materials, such as roofing shingles, come with a materials warranty. Installers who complete the manufacturer's training for proper installation receive special designation and issue a second warranty on the installation. When the homeowner uses an Accuserve-approved contractor, they receive a third warranty on the work from Accuserve. The company's elite national contractor network features experts in water mitigation, roofing, window restoration, and exterior restoration, such as siding.

Contractor Inspection Before an Adjuster Visits

Accuserve sends a contractor to conduct an inspection before the adjuster visits. By providing this expert, unbiased opinion on the damage, the MRP assists the adjuster in making a more accurate report to the insurance company. This process reduces issues between repair personnel and insurance adjusters, ensuring that all damage gets cataloged for the claim.

Offering Compassion and Hope During Trying Times

By handling all communications between the carrier, policyholder, and repair personnel, Accuserve helps reduce stress during a tough time. When a policyholder contacts Accuserve, it's because something awful happened at their home. Regardless of the peril that caused the damage, the homeowner needs their home repaired with as little inconvenience as possible.

Real-World Help When Customers Need It

How does this really work for you and your customers? Let's consider an example from Accuserve's A-rated Better Business Bureau profile. A homeowner had properly filed an insurance claim with a carrier that uses Accuserve. The contractor made suitable repairs but submitted an invoice for nearly double the appropriate amount. The insurance company balked at paying it, but the homeowner contacted Accuserve, which interceded.

Accuserve handled the weeks of contact between the insurance company and the contractor via phone, email, and postal mail. It successfully got the contractor to amend the invoice, correcting a mistake in the original. The insurance company agreed that the amended invoice reflected a fair price and paid the claim. The homeowner avoided many weeks of hounding both companies and the stress caused by dealing with such issues.

A managed repair program can speed repairs and create unity in a once adversarial process. Get in touch with an Accuserve expert today to discover how they can help you streamline the insurance claims and repairs process, providing unbiased expertise when your customers need it most.

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