A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

Meet Ed

Instructor Ed Jones has over 30 years of experience in theindustry, has the title of MasterWater Restorer, is an Institute ofInspection Cleaning andRestoration Certification (IICRC)-approved instructor, and hasserved on the S500-2021consensus body committee todevelop the most recent standard.

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— A blog by our CEO, Hunter Powell

I want to share a story that is close to my heart because it gave me the gift of perspective. When I think about what happened to my own family I’m reminded of why “care and compassion” matter and will always be at the core of what we do.

Last year, a few nights before Christmas, our family was enjoying a quiet evening at home. Right before bed, my kids put on their special pajamas and took this photo (above) in front of the tree. I always think of it as the calm before the storm. They’re smiling and full of anticipation for what’s to come, but little did we know how messy life was about to become.

A few moments later, my son used the bathroom and let’s just say he flushed a bit too much toilet paper. He didn’t realize it, but the toilet was clogged. About an hour later, after the kids were fast asleep, my wife was busy preparing our guest bedroom and bathroom for my parents, who were set to arrive for the festivities the following day. She happened to notice water flooding into both rooms. (And thank goodness she did!)  

What happened next was a whirlwind. My mind started wandering, thinking about things like mold and wood rot and even reconstruction work.

We contacted CodeBlue (an Accuserve company) for a video consultation. By meeting virtually, we were able to diagnose the problem faster – ultimately learning that a three-day dry would remedy the situation. In this case, we were incredibly lucky: there was no need to tear up and repair our home during Christmas. Instead, industrial fans would get the job done – and Christmas was saved!

Because we initially thought the damage was more extensive, Accuserve's finding was welcome news. Thanks to the responsiveness and proficiency of these professionals, what could have been a stressful situation ended up being manageable. They took the right course of action, and, as a result, we were able to get our house back together and celebrate Christmas the way we hoped.

I know many people have experienced far worse damage, be it from similar events or natural disasters. And I know that navigating these circumstances can cause a great deal of inconvenience and anxiety. I share my family’s story – and my heart – with all of you because I want you to know that we’re working hard to be there for people in their time of crisis.

Inevitably, there may come a time that you have to make the emergency call, for a problem big, or small. I want to ensure that our companies are prepared to fix whatever it is you’re facing.

Many people talk extensively about customer experience – and we believe the most important driver of customer experience is the right call on what needs to be done to restore a property with minimal hassle and maximum quality. In our case three days of drying was way better than a five-week construction project. Our team’s commitment is to leverage our expertise and our network of talented contractors to give you a trusted determination of your path forward, and manage that to completion with care and compassion all along the way.

We want homeowners to know they can turn to us, and be assured we will take care of them. We want homeowners to receive an immediate response and an accurate diagnosis. We want homeowners to have trust in the people they’re working with, from our representatives, to the contractor and his/her team, to the insurance adjuster.

We want the work done correctly and with a sense of urgency every single time.

Because this is how it should be for everyone laser-focused on righting wrongs so people can get back to their lives and the important stuff. In today’s world, kindness goes a long way. People remember how they were treated. Let's choose care and compassion to guide everything we do, both professionally and personally. The people who reach out to us are dealing with something heavy, and it’s our responsibility – and honor – to move everyone forward towards becoming whole again.

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