Are You Prepared for Hail on Your House? 5 Essential Steps to Get Your Home Ready

Are You Prepared for Hail on Your House? 5 Essential Steps to Get Your Home Ready

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Are You Prepared for Hail on Your House? 5 Essential Steps to Get Your Home Ready

Hail is a major cause of property damage. Some sources state that the average cost of hail damage is $1 billion each year. However, in 2022, one major insurer paid out $3.5 billion in hail-related claims, showing just how expensive it can be.

As a homeowner, there are steps you can take to reduce the risks of hail damage and subsequent costs. Follow our short guide to hail preparation and increase your home’s resilience against these severe weather conditions.

1. Inspect and Repair Your Roof

Hail is precipitation, just like rain — but instead of water hitting your roof, it’s lumps of ice. These “hailstones” can be up to six inches across and cause significant damage.

You can prevent damage to your roof by conducting a thorough inspection for any pre-existing damage or weak spots. If your roof is tricky to access, book this inspection through a trusted contractor.

If any shingles are damaged, arrange to have them repaired or replaced. These proactive steps can protect your roof once the hail hits.

2. Reinforce Windows and Doors

Storm shutters are a great way to protect windows from the impact of hail. Impact-resistant glass in another solution. One hail preparation step you can take is to book a window inspection. A contractor will visit and ensure all weatherproof seals are still in place and that frames and sashes don’t need replacing.

Likewise, doors must also have the right seals to prevent debris, cold, and moisture from invading the home. Also, check the structural integrity of doors to ensure they can withstand hail damage.

3. Secure Outdoor Items

Hail can cause irreparable damage to outdoor items. If you have decorations and potted plants in your yard, bring them inside or place them in a garage.

For larger items that can’t be brought into your home, secure them as best you can. Hail is often accompanied by high winds, and you don’t want your child’s trampoline or stone birdbath becoming dangerous projectiles.

4. Review Your Insurance Policy

If you expect hail in your area, check that your insurance policy covers you for hail damage. If not, find out how to make that change. Always keep your insurance company’s contact information on hand in case you need to file a claim.

At Accuserve, we work with homeowners just like you to find the right contractors who can perform hail preparation inspections (e.g., roof and window checks) and any repair work. We liaise directly with insurers to make life easier for you. You can contact us here for more detail.

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