Building a Human-Centered Managed Repair Experience with Accuserve

Building a Human-Centered Managed Repair Experience with Accuserve

At Accuserve, we've recognized that the traditional managed repair space could use some work. Most companies prioritize the bottom line, with little consideration given to the people who make the brand and user experience come alive and thrive. 

We seek to change this less-than-desirable industry standard by building a human-centered managed repair experience. Through a technology-powered orchestration of world-class services, we're making what all people in this ecosystem crave: a humanized experience.

But how do we create this more human-centered experience? Our approach integrates world-class service, intelligent technologies, and natural integrity, a system we've titled MRX, short for Managed Repair Experience. This trifecta combines a powerful formula of technology and service with a more human experience, differentiating us from other players in the managed repair industry.

As leaders within the insurtech space, it's up to us to define the new standards. Our plan to evolve Accuserve and build a new standard in the managed repair industry is here, outlined below. This plan is ambitious, but it is one that's differentiated and sustainable. Above all, our plan leans into what makes our brand most desirable and valuable to our partners, our people, and how we do what we do. Read more to join us on this journey.

The Accuserve Difference

Accuserve takes a different approach to managed repair services. Unlike traditional managed repair services that offer a fragmented experience that prioritizes the bottom line, we focus on the human experience. Leading with integrity and humanity, we strive to make our People Partner experience more valuable, more aligned, and more human.

How do we do this? We start with compassion. By injecting heart into our processes, we recognize the hardship that property damage causes our customers. We're human too. As an integrated community of repair experts, we understand what it means to care for yourself and your property.

The Accuserve difference may look like asking questions that have nothing to do with the mechanics of handling claims. For example, we stop and ask, "Are you okay?" and "How can we help?" We inquire about what other assistance we can provide you beyond helping process a claim. Part of providing a more human-centered managed repair experience means understanding the havoc that property damage can create on a person or a family's life.

Whether we need to order DoorDash (so there's no need to worry about cooking dinner) or provide support in another way, we're on it. Accuserve goes above and beyond to make every party involved feel human again. This also means that no two claims or scenarios will look the same, another reason why tailored, compassionate responses matter.

Brand Pillars in Our Claims Process

The Accuserve difference starts at the time of the initial claim. We seek to make the property restoration and remediation process as smooth and painless as possible — right from the get-go. Whether handling a water damage or roofing claim, our industry experts prioritize the individual at each stage of the claims process. 

Our brand is built on service and empathy. We aim to keep policyholders at the heart of everything we do, and we focus on the details that matter. The human aspect of our brand pillars evaluates opportunities to increase how we can humanize our partner's experience, starting with seeing managed repair through the eyes of everyone we support in the claims process.

The experience part of our brand pillar involves assessing ways to enhance our value. We focus on improving value in each person's physical and emotional journey with us, from the initial phone call to their online experience.

Technology is the last component of our brand pillars, where we focus on effective and streamlined tech utilization. As we continue to evaluate methods to improve our processes, our investment in innovative, smart technologies helps us provide a better, more humanized experience.

Our Claims Process Steps

First, we understand that policyholders will likely have questions about the process. 

That's why we're upfront and transparent, offering reliability to every party involved — an essential component of a more human-centered managed repair experience. We begin by answering your questions and scheduling an appointment with an expert contractor. We know this is a trying time, so we strive to take the burden off our policyholders in any way possible.

During the appointment, the contractor inspects the home, gathering the information and images needed to estimate the damage. Then, Accuserve works closely with your insurance carrier to complete a cost assessment and clarify the scope of the damage, covered repairs, and next steps in the claim process. We've invested in experts, so you know your investment is in good hands.

If you proceed with repairs, your next step is to sign the necessary paperwork before contractors begin work. Accuserve experts are on standby, ready to support you throughout the entire claims process and handle any questions or concerns.

A Home Is More Than a Financial Investment

As a homeowner, it's only natural that you want to protect your financial investment. We often say that a house is the most significant investment of our lives. However, that is not always the case. Your home is more than a financial investment; it's also an emotional investment. Our homes are where we retreat from the world and spend time with our families. From cherished toys that our now-adult children no longer play with to the extensive collections of family photographs, our homes tell the stories of our lives.

While protecting your financial investment in your home is essential, you also want to preserve your emotional investment. It's a terrible reality that in a single event, the story your home tells could be wiped away. When a property becomes damaged, it's easy to get wrapped up in physical aspects such as replacing floors or painting walls. However, we must stop to recognize the emotional impact that property damage can have. Whether it's damage to sentimental items you can't restore or simply the chaos of it all, property damage can cause emotional distress that many managed repair services fail to recognize. 

Other managed repair services never ask the questions that really matter — the questions that make policyholders feel like more than just a claim. When a policyholder's property is damaged, they need more than a reliable partner they can trust. That's where Accuserve comes in, unifying stakeholders in the property damage and restoration space and delivering the most humanized experience to those needing help. 

We work as a trusted partner, navigating the complexities of property damage and communicating with you throughout the process. With Accuserve, you'll always know the job status and the best people to call for answers and support. 

Treating Claims as More Than a Number

So often, providers in the managed repair service face dozens of claims each day. When dealing with hundreds or thousands of claims, it's easy to forget to step back and see the situation from the policyholder's situation. Many providers fall into the trap of viewing claims as unremarkable, but this is where the Accuserve approach differs. We take every claim as seriously as the next, with an understanding of the policyholder's point of view. 

Of course, this claim is not just a number for the homeowner. It is their entire world and deserves to be treated as such. These policyholders seek help in a difficult time to repair the things they care about most.

We understand that homeowners want extreme empathy and a managed partner service that makes them feel seen and heard. That's why they come to us, seeking a more human experience. In response, we provide a holistic and caring view of what homeowners value the most: their homes. Here, we strive to change industry standards by providing a more human experience where everyone feels understood, heard, and supported.

A Humanized Experience Benefits All Parties

When looking at the managed repair service through this lens, it's easy to see what needs to change in the industry. Every type of MRX People Partner can benefit from staying concerned and connected with homeowners throughout the process.

Policyholder People Partner Benefits

By treating homeowners as real human beings experiencing a crisis — not as merely a policyholder — we create a humanized experience that focuses on empathy and compassion. With Accuserve, policyholders feel supported throughout the process. They are never just a number. We provide the transparency and reliability that other managed repair services do not offer. 

Insurance People Partners Benefits

To our Insurance People Partners, the Accuserve humanized experience unifies the repair experience around what matters most: your people. Accuserve is your real people partner in helping repair your customers' most important investment.

Contractor People Partner Benefits

To our Contractor People Partners, we help you manage more contracts more often. We make you the hero of the more human repair experience. As the "boots on the ground," contractors are the hands-on workers helping restore a sense of "home" for policyholders who have experienced property damage. By Accuserve taking care of the repair experience business side, you can focus more on your business.

Accuserve People Partner Benefits

Our Accuserve People Partners are the real people partners behind the most human MRX platform on the planet. We serve as the real people in the business, helping individuals and families through extreme times of crisis. Further, we take pride in being the "helpers" and playing an active role in changing an industry that needs serious work.

Accuserve: The Helpers

By taking ownership of the managed claims process, we can guide everyone involved (homeowners, contractors, insurance carriers, and more) to eliminate the burden of such a challenging and emotional process. There is no more prioritizing the bottom line. Now, the new bottom line involves empathy and compassion at the core.

We'll leave you with this Mr. Rogers' quote: 

"When I was a boy and would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'"

At Accuserve, this quote helps define our overall mission: to provide expert-quality restoration solutions with a humanized approach. At the end of the day, our goal is to help in any way possible, with an understanding of the emotional hardships that property damage can bring.

Learn More About the Human-Centered Managed Repair Experience

Do you want to learn more about Accuserve's approach to creating a human-centered managed repair experience? We'd love to discuss our MRX approach and how we're making our People Partner experience more valuable, more human, and more aligned.

Reach out to us today to set up a time to discuss the MRX approach that we're pioneering. 

Our property repair services include water damage, roof damage, window damage, and other exterior restoration services. So whether you're a contractor, insurance carrier, or property owner, we all can benefit from a new approach to managed repair services. We welcome everyone to join us in helping bring change to industry standards.

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