The Beginning of a New Chapter

— A blog by our CEO, Hunter Powell

As a father, husband, and a leader – I’m deeply passionate about caring for others and enlivening the human spirit. My beliefs align with our company’s Vision, which is to serve property owners in need – helping them get back to what matters most as quickly as possible. We take pride in restoring properties to whole with unmatched care, compassion, and expertise.

Two pillars of business formed our new company name – accuracy and service. And while I’m confident in our ability to uniquely deliver these every day in a way that benefits all our partners – my biggest passion for everyone we care for – our employee family, our contracting partners, our property owners, and our carrier clients – is that we treat them with care and compassion. This is where everything starts and finishes. It is the bedrock from which we launch.  

By unifying our contracting and carrier partners in service to property owners, our parent brand of Accuserve serves as the single point of contact from start to finish for property owners. We simplify the complex; we accurately assess damage from the start to appropriately set expectations, and we ensure that we do what we say.  

Today, our company is stronger than ever. We are emerging as industry leaders thanks to our unique approach and commitment to differentiated levels of accuracy and service.  

This is an important moment for our corporate family as we take a big step towards unifying CodeBlue, MADSKY, and Accuwin – three expert-driven companies that people turn to for help with property restoration. To better enable people to have trust and comfort in their restoration projects and spend more time doing what matters most, Accuserve is coming together to create a smoother experience for all.

Alongside Accuserve’s team members, our vetted network of contractors, and our insurance carrier partners, I’d like to take a moment to reiterate the foundational principles we commit to as an organization.

  • We provide world-class service

Our team and our solutions stand out from the rest – for a reason. Our associates are some of the most experienced, best trained in the business. Former contractors, insurance adjusters, and other experienced personnel make up our team. This is the foundation of our commitment to the right call in every situation – right from the start. Our innovative virtual solutions enable an immediate response and meaningful action.

  • We bring expertise to every interaction  

Our number one goal is to unify each stakeholder in pursuit of delivering timely, trusted, and high-quality restoration solutions. This starts at the beginning of a restoration project with damage assessment and scoping, which sets the tone for each of the appropriate steps that follow. We can do this thanks to thousands of reputable and reliable contractors, industry-leading experts on staff, an unparalleled investment in training, and decades of experience, delivering the highest quality recovery plan.  

  • We continually innovate and use the most advanced technology

Technology is one of the largest areas where we invest in our company. We are committed to finding new, different, and better ways to (i) drive accuracy on the front- end scoping and damage assessment side of the restoration value chain and (ii) provide visibility, alignment and accountability throughout the entire recovery process – ensuring that our property owner clientele are informed and engaged.    

  • We practice care and compassion in all that we do

Accuserve is proud to walk beside you through the property restoration process. Whether you are a property owner, a contractor, an insurance agent, or an insurance adjuster, we understand what matters to you. We are committed to offering a comprehensive value proposition that allows you to do more of what matters most.  

We’re in this together, and we’re thrilled to serve.

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