The Dangers of Using Tape on Drying Projects

The Dangers of Using Tape on Drying Projects

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Instructor Ed Jones has over 30 years of experience in theindustry, has the title of MasterWater Restorer, is an Institute ofInspection Cleaning andRestoration Certification (IICRC)-approved instructor, and hasserved on the S500-2021consensus body committee todevelop the most recent standard.

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Too many times in the past we have seen policyholders complain about the restorer pulling off the finish of a wood floor because they taped floor protection to it. Several times it occurred due to the homeowner asking the restorer to leave the floor protection once mitigation was complete because reconstruction services were starting. Then months later, the restorer is blamed for the wood finish coming up with the tape when the floor protection was removed.

It is critical that before using tape on floor mats or containment in general, the restorer warns the homeowner about the risks of using tape, especially if they want to leave the tape in place longer than 14 days. See different warranties below for different types of tape. The one we have seen used the most with the most complaints is the old standby “Scotchblue Painters Tape.”

ScotchBlue™ Original Painter’s Tape

is the tape that DIY painters and pros have loved for more than 30 years. Whether you’re protecting your wood trim, painted walls, tile floor, or glass windows, this versatile multi-surface tape can stay on surfaces for up to 14 days and then removes easily without leaving any sticky residue behind. Help protect your surfaces while bringing your creative vision to life with the help of ScotchBlue™ Original Painter’s Tape.

  • Designed for use on multiple surfaces such as smooth or lightly textured walls, trim, baseboards, tile, and glass.
  • The tape that DIY painters and pros have loved for more than 30 years
  • 14-day clean removal leaves behind no damage or sticky residue
  • UV and sunlight resistant

Preservation Tape

Designed to not leave a residue, Preservation Tape, also known as “Hull Tape,” is a tough, conformable, waterproof tape with a strong adhesive that bonds well to most surfaces through a wide range of temperatures. The 10 mil-backed tape features UV inhibitors, and each roll measures 108 feet long.

Preservation tape is ideal for use with poly film and ZipWalls when creating containment areas/barriers on restoration or construction projects. You can also use preservation tape with Dri-Eaz Rescue Mats and Injectidry Vac-It Panels to get a tighter seal against the surface being dried. Preservation tape adheres strongly to most surfaces, and caution should be used when removing it.

Warning: Although Preservation Tape is designed not to leave a residue, the adhesion is very strong to most surfaces. As with any adhesive, it is possible that the top layer of paint or finish can come off painted surfaces or woods. Clean the area thoroughly and test a small area before applying to the entire surface. Preservation tape is NOT recommended for usage longer than 60 days. Adhesive residue will result.

Always discuss with the customer (before use) the dangers of using tape and how tape may pull up finishes if left on past the warranty. *May want to obtain a disclaimer in writing.

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